DynISys, Inc. Cost Estimates

For Establishing a web Site


  1. Web site Name & Registration
    1. You must first purchase your website name from a company that specializes in this.
    2. Once you own the name the next step is to register it with the world-wide internet registry so that others can find it.
    3. Current cost vary but recent estimates are:

                                                             a.      3 years - $69.99

                                                            b.      5 years - $105.00

                                                             c.      Lifetime – varies

    1. These are one time costs and will only recur if you don’t purchase the name for life.


  1. Once you own your name and it’s registered, it must reside on a web server.
    1. We use Gulf Coast Networking (GCN) in Foley.
    2. The site must be built by us then sent to the server.
    3. You own the name and we rent the space from GCN.


  1. The site must be designed, built and uploaded to the server.
    1. We use Microsoft Front Page 2003.

                                                             a.      Design companies charge for this work differently

i.         Some charge by the individual page – minimum cost is usually $50.00/page.

ii.       Some have an additional charge/page for pictures, forms, etc.

                                                            b.      We charge a pre negotiated flat fee to design your site and put it on the server.

    1. Our charge to build a site usually ranges from $500-$750 depending on complexity and includes:

                                                             a.      Home page,

                                                            b.      Contact info,

                                                             c.      Links page,

                                                            d.      Info about your company and it’s services

                                                             e.      Product/service information,

                                                              f.      Pictures & artwork.

    1. Difficult artwork or photographs may incur and additional charge.


  1. Once designed and loaded on the server it must be maintained.
    1. As do other companies, we charge a monthly maintenance fee that depends on how often you will be making changes to your site.

                                                             a.      This may include adding pictures, changing text, colors or adding pages

                                                            b.      Some sites change very little at all,

                                                             c.      Some sites change monthly, weekly or even daily.

    1. Some companies charge by the hour or by the page.
    2. Rates typically vary depending on the amount and frequency of changes.
    3. We will negotiate a set fee with you up front for hosting and maintenance.

                                                             a.      Minimum fee is $35/month.

                                                            b.      Currently the Maximum we charge is $100/month.


  1. Some sites we have built and maintained
    1. Current sites:

                                                             a.      DynISys, Inc. – www.dynisysinc.com

                                                            b.      Mobile Area Council, BSA – www.woacholena.com

                                                             c.      Gulf Links Golf Course – www.gulflinksgolfcourse.com

                                                            d.      Mobile Area Council, BSA Baldwin District – www.baldwindisrict.org (currently under construction)

                                                             e.      Baldwin Tech Council – www.sbtech.org (site is currently under construction)

                                                              f.      Diane Porter, Attorney & CPA – www.dianeporter.com (site is currently being redesigned)

    1. Former Sites

                                                             a.      South Baldwin United Way – we built and maintained this site for five years until they decided to hire a full time person for all their computer work.

                                                            b.      South Baldwin Church of Christ – we built and maintained this site for five years until the church decided to no longer have a site.

                                                             c.      Boy Scout Troop 497 Foley – we built and maintained this site for four years until the troop decided to drop the site.

                                                            d.      Sungate Villas, Fairhope – We built and maintained this site for four years when the owners decided to stop renting their property after hurricane Ivan.

                                                             e.      The Robinson Company, Foley – We built and maintained this site for three years until the owners decided to do the work in-house.


  1. Summary of Costs

                                                             a.      Name Registration - $69-$105

                                                            b.      Site Design Estimate - $500-$750

                                                             c.      Monthly Hosting Fee - $35/month minimum