The following are people, businesses and/or organizations that have done business with DynISys, Inc.

DynISys City Customers

Town/City Contact Phone Packages Currently Used
Maplesville  AL 334-366-4211      Police & Court
Silverhill  AL 251-945-5198      Business License
Elberta AL  Town Hall  251-986-5995      Court & Business License
Elberta AL  Police Department 251-986-5300      Police
Hobson City  AL 256-831-0445      Court
Level Plains  AL 334-347-0422      Court
River Falls  AL 334-222-3510      Court
McIntosh  AL 251-944-2428      Business License
City of Hayleyille AL 205-486-3121      Business License
Town of Chatom AL 251-847-2580      Business License
Town of Magnolia Springs AL 251-965-9888      Business License


DynISys Corporate Customers

Customer Contact Phone Systems Built/Work Performed
South Baldwin United Way, Foley, Alabama 251-943-2110 Contributions, Contacts & Event
Kaiser Realty  251-981-5977
Glen Kaiser

  Customer Comment Card Management,
  Employee Survey System
  Rental Rate Analysis,
  Quality Assurance Information
  Property Owners Information Management

Video & Multi-media presentations

Mental Retardation & Developmental
     Disabilities (MRDD) Board,   Robertsdale AL
251-947-5608 Patient Case Management,
  Employment Support Management
Gulf Links Golf Course, Foley AL  
  website - now closed
Kaechele Motors, Elberta AL 251-986-5219
  Point of Sale, Inventory Control,
  Customer Accounts & Billing
South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, Foley AL 251-943-3291
  Employee Time Tracking & Accounting
  Video & Multi-media presentations
Millennium 2 Real Estate Software, Inc.
      Weston FL
Ecumenical Ministries of Baldwin County 251-943-3445
  Individual Support Tracking


Other DynISys Customers

Customer Work Performed
Coastal Chorale Digital Photography
Mobile Area Boy Scouts, Order of the Arrow Lodge Web site - now closed
   Promotional Video

Millennium 2 Real Estate Software, Inc. , Weston FL says...

"DynISys, Inc...has dramatically changed our business...they built an incredibly sophisticated system called PARADIGM which exceeded all our expectations...our business has increased by 50% since we began using it.  ...We looked a long time to find someone with the capability to take our manual process and make it a reality on the computer."