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DynISys DOCKET is one module of the DynISys City suite of municipal software. DOCKET is a total solution to managing a Municipal Court.  Designed by an Alabama Magistrate, it makes all the functions of a Municipal Court, from arrest, through adjudication, to reporting, simple and straightforward. Fully integrated with Windows, DOCKET allows Court Clerks and Magistrates to minimize and simplify recording and reporting of all court information.

Principle Features

  • Hand typed or pre-printed forms are obsolete!

    DynISys DOCKET produces:

    • 24 AOC forms and 17 additional reports

    • All are completely filled out, directly from the software.

  • Save Valuable Time

    DynISys DOCKET reduces the normal workload required to enter and maintain Municipal Court data by using:

    • Easy to read, logically organized windows
    • Drop-down boxes to enter repetitive information such as: officers, charges, ordinance numbers, defendant identification information and warrant types
    • Continuous history files on repeat offenders.
  • Reduce Printing Time and Costs

    DynISys DOCKET prints all necessary Court Reports:

    • Dockets

    • 6A's, 6B's, UTC25, Show Cause, etc.

    • Depositions and Complaints

    • Guilty Pleas, Subpoenas, and Garnishment Forms

    • Warrants, Summons, Appearance Bonds, and all Bond Forms

    • Warrant Log

    • Daily Deposit Tape

    • Cash Receipts Journals

    • Cash Bond Tracking

    • Continued Cases after adjudication (Payments, Jail Time, W/D and File)

    • Individual Case w/Defendant information sheet

    • Monthly and Annual Reports

    • Driving History Request Form

  • What Will DynISys DOCKET Do For You?

    • Easily and accurately manage all court functions.
    • Instantly find and display all court cases for a specific defendant in your court.
    • Print all forms, warrants, and reports, completely filled out, directly from the software.