Point of Sale & Inventory Control

The Point of Sale & Inventory Control system is all that any enterprise would need to maintain an inventory of goods and services and sell them.

It provides merchants with total control of their inventory and tracks all sales using an ordinary Personal Computer with a printer. No special equipment is required, although special extensions such as bar-coding and cash drawer can be used.

Principle Features

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  • System Requirements

    • Ordinary PC using windows 98 or higher

    • Any Printer

    • At least 10Gb of storage

    • Hardware Options

      • Barcode reader

      • Automatic Cash Drawer

    • Network capable for multiple sales stations

  • Inventory Control
    • Numerous reports assist in managing inventory

      • Items at or below reorder points

    • Variety of naming/numbering options for items

    • Find out what is selling and when (Seasonal sales)

    • Produce reorder lists automatically

      • Keep multiple reorder sources for each item

  • Point of Sale
    • Simple, easy to use layout for either mouse or keyboard
    • Sales are tracked by salesperson
      • Each sale requires salesperson to "log in"
      • Total sales by salesperson available
    • Discounts can be applied to entire sale or individual item
    • Several customer payment options available

Connecting People and Data