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     DynISys Police is a module of the highly successful DynISys City suite of municipal software and is your complete answer to managing those Incident/ Offense Reports, Supplements & Arrest Reports as well as entering information for and  printing Accident Reports. Designed specifically for Alabama Law Enforcement, it makes all the functions of recording and reporting an incident or offense, arrest, or accident easier, faster, more accurate and straightforward.

     Designed in conjunction with several police departments, DynISys Police is fully integrated with Windows and allows Law Enforcement Officers to minimize and simplify recording and reporting of all information required for Uniform Crime reporting.  With DynISys Police you can send the data for your Incident/Offense and Arrest reports to ACJIC in Montgomery at the end of the month on a floppy disk rather than sending copies of reports.

     DynISys Police also allows each department to keep information on their officers, including training classes taken and prints the Continuing Education Credit Application.  We are currently updating the information in this section and will have an upgrade available soon with the capability of maintaining much more detailed information on your Officers.

Principle Features

  • Eliminates Hard to Read Hand Written Copies!

    No more Hand written forms !  DynISys Police prints all your reports, completely filled out, directly from the software:

    • Incident/Offense with Supplement
    • Arrest
    • Accident Report with Truck/Bus Supplement
  • Save Valuable Time and Reduce Errors!

    • Enter your data once, and DynISys Police produces all forms completely filled out, directly from the software.
    • Reduces the normal workload required to enter and maintain local arrest data. Through the use of easy to read, logically organized windows and drop-down boxes to enter repetitive information such as: officers, charges, ordinance numbers and defendant identification information.
    • Reduces your workload by maintaining continuous history files on any one associated with an incident/offense or arrest whether as a complainant, suspect, victim, witness or arrestee.

    • Allows you to send your data directly from the software to ACJIC at the end of each month on a floppy disk.

    • Allows you to view reports by Officer and print monthly activity reports.

  • What Will DynISys Police Do For You?

    • Easily and accurately manage all reporting functions.
    • Meets all currently known Alabama Department of Public Safety requirements.
    • Keeps track of anyone ever involved with a case for future reference.
    • Quick Lookup of any data.
  • Other Features

    • Affordable
    • Flexible Pricing Options
    • Toll Free Customer Support
    • On-Site Demo on Request
    • Client Input solicited for upgrades
DynISys Police ... A Practical, Modern Answer to the Problem of Handling Alabama Incident/Offense & Arrest Reports and Accident Reports.