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     As every seasoned real estate agent or broker knows, many properties do not close because some, usually insignificant, task is not completed on time.  Close-IT is a unique approach to managing all the events involved in closing a real-estate deal from the time that the contract is signed until the property closes.  

     Close-IT is a software package that tracks every event that is necessary for there to be a successful close.  It displays each of those tasks, and reminds the user that certain tasks need to be completed by a certain date to assure that a closing takes place by the scheduled date.  The software "remembers" all of the tasks to be completed in a concise, consistent manner.  All of the properties that an agent, or an entire agency, are responsible for are displayed together.


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  • What makes Close-IT unique?

    • It is Pro-active in notifying you of upcoming critical events. 

    • It notifies you ahead of time what is going to happen and what may be missed.

  • Close-IT will pay for itself in the first deal you close!  

    • If you have ever lost a single sale because you forgot to complete every task before closing, then Close-IT can actually pay for itself.

  • What do users of Close-IT have to say about the software?

    • "DynISys, Inc...has dramatically changed our business...they built an incredibly sophisticated system...which exceeded all our expectations...our business has increased by 50% since we began using it.  ...We looked a long time to find someone with the capability to take our manual process and make it a reality on the computer."

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Close-IT is sold and marketed through DynISys. Inc.

In Florida, Close-IT is marketed as Paradigm by:


Millennium 2 Real Estate Software

292 Bridgeton Road

Weston Fl  33326