DynISys, Inc.
Software Update Downloads

City of Haleyville
Business License System

Town of Maplesville
Court System

Town of River Falls
Court System



Update September 15, 2017

Town of Gantt
Court System

Town of Chatom
Business License System


Update September 15, 2017

Update September 26, 2016



Directions for Downloading & Installing Software Updates

The file you will be downloading was saved to this site using a file compression program called "WinZip" which normally comes with Microsoft Windows.  These steps show you how to download a file prepared with "Win Zip".  If you are using another type of compression program on your computer, you may have some additional steps which involve your particular program.

  1. Make sure your DynISys software package is closed before starting this procedure.
  2. Click on the link for the update you want to download.  This will open a window that will show you the file to be downloaded.
  3. A "File Download" window will open.  Choose the "Open" option.
  4. Click on the "Folders" button on the toolbar to display the folders and files on you computer in the left pane.
  5. Locate the proper DynISys folder where the update is to copied.
  6. Drag the update file to the DynISys folder.  Click "Yes" if asked if you want to overwrite existing file.
  7. Remove the Windows security lock on the downloaded files.  Right-Click on the database, click on "Properties".  Click on the "Unlock" radio button.
  8. Close all windows and your browser.
  9. Start the software from you desktop.