DynISys United Way Manager

Affordable and easy to use system that manages all aspects of United Way contributions received from either a special campaign or through regular payroll deductions.

Begin a Campaign at any time during the  year and print all necessary reports and perform yearly maintenance routines.

Successfully used by the South Baldwin United Way, Foley AL for over four years.

With United Way Manager you can:   Back to Enterprise
  • Start a Campaign at any time of the year

  • Enter Pledge amounts and apply payments to the pledges

  • Accept payments for the past year's pledge

  • Organize your accounts by City, Category, and Type

  • Print several reports using these three designations for managing your campaign

  • Send Email messages directly from the software

Connecting People and Data

  • Automatically reset amounts to begin a campaign when you are ready

  • Print audit reports for campaign or calendar year

  • Print mailing labels for specific designations

  • Track who receives newsletters and special event notices